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Praxis School of Entrepreneurship / Global Infobrokers

Start and Grow Your Business

The Praxis School of Entrepreneurship is a private post-secondary training institute & division of Global Infobrokers Inc., a company dedicated to empowering youth, adults, and organizations.

A Leader in Entrepreneurial and Small Business Management Training for over 30 years, we provide an entrepreneurial learning environment where individuals launch, grow and manage their own companies.

Our team consists of entrepreneurs who develop and deliver our programs, provide coaching, mentoring, networking and relationship building, willingly sharing their lived experience.

We walk along side each of the people in our programs, customizing support each step of the way.

We have worked with over 1,100 companies who have in turn created over 2,000 jobs but more importantly, we have helped over 1,100 individuals realize their capacity to create and innovate and make a difference.