Pitchfork Market + Kitchen

The Everyday Basics You Want and the Fresh-Made Indulgences You Desire

Pitchfork Market + Kitchen was born out of an idea of creating a more wholesome and inspiring food shopping experience. One in which customers could ask questions about recipes, get advice on a cut of meat and learn about food from people who know and love food. And where you would run into friends from your community. 

From these foundational ideals, a store concept was designed that focused on a chef-inspired kitchen as the heart and soul of the store from which fresh food is prepared daily for eat-in or take home.

So whether you’re looking to take care of everything on your shopping list, or you’re wanting to pick-up a prepared meal to enjoy at home, or simply wish to grab a cup of coffee or snack and pull up a seat in-store, we look forward to being your neighbourhood market and kitchen.