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Our website address is: Any information on this site created by us and added for the Saskatoon business community, has been provided by each business. In doing so, each business has given Totally Locally Market Hub permission to post their information with the purpose of promoting themselves and their respective business to the community. All information is provided to us to manually enter.

We have set up a Google Analytics account to track our domain, Please read Google's Privacy Policy for full details. This will provide us with information on how many visitors come to the site, and where they are looking. No personal information is being collected or used by the Chamber while you browse this site. When you contact any business via email or phone number on this site, you are in control of what information you give to or request from the respective business.

Totally Locally Market Hub contains links to each business and their website. When visiting these sites, please read their privacy policy section on how they make use of your data and information when visiting their site as each website is independant from Totally Locally Market Hub.

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Should you decide to become part of the Totally Locally Market Hub, information you add to this form goes directly to our office. Totally Locally Market Hub is the initiative of The Greater Saskatoon Chamber of Commerce and they will contact you to discuss your submission. By entering your data, you are giving permission for the Chamber to contact you. Your information is not sold or given to any third parties.

Media Content

Visitors wanting to use any information or photos provided by the businesses, are required to get direct permission from the respective business by contacting them and receiving written or verbal confirmation.